Why do foreplay?

Making love is an art that requires skill and dexterity. It is not enough to just throw yourself on top of your partner and start making love. Foreplay plays a very important role in sex. It's good to know this so that you don't miss out on the essentials. We invite you to read this article to be more convinced.

Never neglect foreplay

Neglecting foreplay is like walking onto a field without warming up. It is, however, a very important step.

Different kinds of foreplay

Of course, there are many different kinds of foreplay. From the banalest kiss to the most sophisticated gestures, the different ranges of foreplay cannot all be listed. There is something for everyone. Caresses are known to all. These are gestures performed with the hands and fingers, or even the toes, which seem simple but which require knowledge of the erogenous zones of one's partner. Fellatio and cunnilingus are also types of oral caresses applied to the partner's sex. This foreplay prepares the ground for penetration.

Foreplay for women

Women particularly enjoy foreplay. It allows for good vaginal lubrication, which facilitates penile penetration. Since women generally need more time to build up their arousal, foreplay helps to prepare them. A woman who is well aroused is a partner who is open and able to make love well.

Foreplay for men

Seen as a waste of time by some men, foreplay is often neglected and sloppy. Some men avoid foreplay for fear of cumming without penetration. Yet foreplay is just as important for the man as it is for the woman. For they prepare for psychological and mental conditioning.

Foreplay is an arousal

There are many things that distinguish us from animals, including the way we make love. Humans go through several stages before penetration. For a satisfying sexual encounter for both partners, it is advisable not to neglect foreplay, which also helps to make the pleasure last. Foreplay is an integral part of sexual intercourse. It is a real turn-on.