The erogenous zones in women: what do you need to know?

In order to make love to a woman well, it is essential to know her erogenous zones. If you don't have control over your partner, you risk not giving her the pleasure she is looking for. In this article, we will show you some of the erogenous zones in women. We distinguish between primary, secondary, and tertiary erogenous zones.

The primary erogenous zones

The clitoris

This is the best known and most common erogenous zone. It is generally the most exciting area for most women.

The inside of the vagina

Like the clitoris, the inside of the vagina is a primary erogenous zone. It allows for rapid arousal of the woman.

Secondary erogenous zones

The pubis is considered a secondary erogenous zone. It is not to be neglected during foreplay. Called the Mount of Venus, it is located just above the vulva and is very sensitive to caresses.

The anus is also an erogenous zone for women. But before accessing it, your partner should give you permission.

The vaginal lips, inner thighs, breasts, and mouth are also secondary erogenous zones that contribute greatly to your partner's arousal.

Tertiary erogenous zones

These are erogenous zones that are specific to each woman. Sometimes women feel arousal in certain parts of their bodies. Tertiary erogenous zones include the neck, nape of the neck, feet, or even the back. Touching them on these areas arouses their sensitivity.

Knowing your partner's body

In order to offer her the maximum pleasure, you must know her different erogenous zones. This knowledge will be built up over time, as you continue to have sex with her. You must therefore pay attention each time you touch her to better understand her. As you will have noticed, a woman's body is a real mystery that deserves to be observed carefully in order to be understood. A woman's body is made up of several erogenous zones. And as you can see, this is not just limited to her genitalia. It extends to her entire being