5 secrets for women to reach orgasm

Making love should give you maximum pleasure. But unfortunately, there are many women for whom sex always leaves a taste of unfinished business. If you are in this category, don't worry. If you are in this category, don't worry, and continuing with this article, you will find solutions to your problem.

Love as a source of enjoyment

One of the goals of lovemaking is to truly enjoy yourself. To achieve this, you need to make certain arrangements and predispositions or you risk sweating for nothing.

The position

It is important to be in a comfortable position to experience maximum pleasure. A position in which you feel that you are making love, where all the erotic zones of your body are boiling. Generally, these are positions that facilitate clitoral arousal, as most women reach orgasm through intense clitoral arousal.

Follow your partner's movements

Synchronizing your movements with those of your partner shows that you are active and fully present. This increases the sensation and the excitement becomes greater and greater.

Feeding your fantasies

Fantasizing during sex, making movies, makes it easier for many women to reach orgasm. Even without telling your partner, you can get your brain to work in such a way that you feel more excited.

Contraction and relaxation of the perineal muscles

This voluntary physical exercise increases blood flow to the clitoris. Contracting and relaxing these muscles increases the sensation and increases your pleasure.


If you are not focused, if you are not concerned about what is happening, it will be difficult to reach orgasm. You have to let go and be involved in the sex.

There are of course many tips and techniques to reach orgasm. It is important to know yourself and your body well. Even if orgasm is not necessarily the ultimate goal of lovemaking, reaching this feeling is highly desirable. Every woman has the potential to achieve it.